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Show / Event: 2024 3rd Annual Twin Cities Knife Show, Friday September 27, 2024 and Saturday, September 28, 2024.

Show Management: The Midwest Knifemaker Guild Board of Directors, represented by David Scadlock

Armory / Venue: Minnesota National Guard Armory, Bloomington MN



The Twin Cities Knife Show is open to Knifemakers, Bladesmiths, Sheath Makers and related Arts only.  Non-related exhibits will be at the discretion of the Show Management and by prior approval only.



Exhibit table/booth fees are due online at the time of registration. Tables/Booths will be assigned at the discretion of the Show Management.



Exhibitors shall confine all activities to the limits of their own table/booth(s).  No materials may interfere with neighboring tables. All materials and activities shall be related to knifemaking. Nothing may be tacked, nailed, screwed, or otherwise attached to the columns, walls, floors, or furniture to the Armory area. Violators will be responsible for any expense incurred for the removal of said items.



All exhibitor personnel are required to register. The contract includes two Exhibitor registrations per table or booth. Additional registrations may be purchased for a $20 fee. Badges will be issued and must be worn at all times.



Exhibit setup will begin at 12:00 noon, Friday September 27, 2024. All exhibits must be fully setup by the Show opening at 2:00 PM, Friday September 27, 2024. If the Exhibitor does not occupy the reserved space, the Show Management is authorized to fill the space in such a manner as it may be deemed in the best interest of the Show, free and clear of any claims by Exhibitor. All exhibits must be open for business during the published Show hours. No dismantling or packing may be started before the Show closing at 6:00 PM, Saturday September 28, 2024. All Exhibit materials must be removed from the Armory by 8:00 PM, Saturday 28, 2024.



Each table registration includes one 30” x 96” table and two folding chairs.  Each booth registration includes approximately 8’ x 12’ space, two 30” x 96” tables and two folding chairs. (Booth holders may request additional chairs.) Table coverings are required and shall be provided by the exhibitor.



Exhibitors hereby agree to exempt the Show Management from any damages, expenses, losses, or liabilities, included but not limited to any suit or claim for personal injury, product liability, for property damage or loss of property.



Firearms and/or ammunition are not allowed in or on the Armory property. No products defined as illegal by the local, state, or federal law enforcement agencies may be displayed for sale or possessed at the Show. If the Exhibitor refuses to remove the illegal items, the contract will be terminated immediately, and the Exhibitor will be required to clear the exhibit table and leave the Show without registration refund. Alcohol is not permitted in or on the Armory property.



Exhibitors are required to keep their spaces and products clean and in good order.



Subleasing of tables is prohibited.  Sharing a booth or table with another company is prohibited without the consent of the Show Management.



The Exhibitor agrees to comply with all applicable local, state, and federal tax and other laws relating to the sale of goods or services, and to obtain, pay for, and display all necessary licenses and to pay all taxes and levees insofar as the Exhibitors own participation in the Show is concerned.



Any Exhibitor wishing to cancel their table/booth reservation on or before August 1, 2024, for reasons of their own, may do so in writing and will receive a refund of monies paid minus a $25 fee. No table/booth reservation fees will be refunded after August 1, 2024.



In the event any part of the exhibition area or any portion thereof is unavailable whether for the entire event, or a portion of the event as a result of fire, flood, tempest or any other such cause or as a result of war, strike, lock-out, labor dispute, riot or any other cause or agency over which the Show Management has no control or should the Show Management decide that because of any such cause it is necessary to cancel, postpone or re-site the Show, or to reduce the installation time, Show time or move out time, the Show shall not be liable to indemnify or reimburse the Exhibitor in respect of any damage or loss, direct or indirect as a result thereof.



Show Management shall have the full power in the interpretation and enforcement of all contract regulations constrained herein, and the power to make such amendments thereto and such further rules and regulations as shall be considered necessary for the proper conduct of the exhibition. All Exhibitors will be promptly notified of any changes to these rules. Show Management reserves the right to reassign exhibit space at any time (without reason or obligation to Exhibitor). Written notice will be provided to Exhibitor if exhibit location is changed.

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